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Lia Fashion Earrings

Fashion Handing earrings a pair of stunning hanging earrings featuring lab-grown diamonds with a total weight of 5 carats, specifically highlighting round and radiant cut stones. Here’s a breakdown of the earring design:

– **Total Carat Weight: 5 carats
– **Diamond Quality:    All lab-grown diamonds
– **Earring Design:        Drop and Dangel
– Stone Shapes:
Round Stones: 2 stones (part of the design)
Radiant Cut Diamonds: 4 carats (likely divided between two radiant cut diamonds)

The use of both round stones and radiant cut diamonds in this earring design can offer a beautiful contrast and sparkle. The total carat weight of 5 carats ensures that these earrings will be quite eye-catching and luxurious.


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