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Elevate the moment with our exquisite Round Diamond Butter Cup Engagement Ring—a timeless expression of enduring love. At the heart of this stunning ring lies a brilliant round-cut diamond, carefully selected for its exceptional sparkle and luminosity. The diamond is gently cradled within a delicate butter cup setting, allowing light to dance across its facets and highlight its innate beauty. Characterized by its graceful curves and secure embrace, the butter cup setting adds a hint of vintage-inspired charm to the ring. This design not only enhances the diamond’s brilliance but also creates a captivating focal point that draws the eye. The classic round diamond symbolizes eternal unity, making it a perfect symbol for an engagement ring that celebrates everlasting love.
Primary Stone:
• Lab-Created Diamond
• Shape: Round
• Total Carat Weight: from 2 ctw to 8 ctw
• Clarity: VS1+
• Color: EF+
Band Stones:
• 8 Diamonds
• Shape: Round
• Approximately Carat Weight: 2 ctw
• Clarity: VS1+
• Color: F+

Lida Round Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring


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