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Introducing the captivating Olivia Twisted Diamond Band, a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. This band features a delicate yet intricate design, adorned with a shimmering array of diamonds. The arrangement includes 6 stones measuring 1.65mm, along with 12 stones each of 1.4mm and 1.2mm, and a dazzling 12 stones of 1.0mm, totaling 0.35 carats. Perfect for stacking or wearing alone, this exquisite band adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Complete your ensemble with the matching Olivia Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring, offering the same enchanting design and impeccable craftsmanship. Coordinate your look with the captivating Olivia Twisted Diamond Band for a truly cohesive and elegant statement.

Number of Stones: 1.65mm – 6 , 1.4mm – 12 , 1.2mm – 12 , 1.0mm – 12, (0.35ct total weight) .

Weight of Gold      : 3.5 gr in 14K gold, 4.2gr in 18K gold. (taken for 7US)

Olivia Twisted Diamond Half Diamond Band


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